Tuesday Tidbit - Made just for you!

Tidbit:  With each Conrad Grebel table, bedroom set or cabinet we provide a 5” x 7” card welcoming our customers to the Conrad Grebel family. One side of the card is a beautiful painting while the other side is an offering for a free plaque that can be customized for your family. When you purchase a Conrad Grebel product it means something special…it means you didn’t purchase just another piece of furniture; you purchased something made just for you. 


Quote:   “When you go in search of honey you must expect to get stung by bees." – Joseph Joubert


Just for Laughs:  "I worked in a pet store and people would ask how big I would get." – Rodney Dangerfield


Fun Amish Fact:  We’re experiencing a beautiful rain at the present. It reminds me of the importance of timing in the Amish tradition. The summer months are a time for collecting hay. A perfect summer will allow for three good cuttings of quality hay for the horses. Hay will be cut and left to dry for a day or so before being bailed and moved to the barn. An Amish farmer must be careful to watch the weather though. If it rains on the hay after it is cut, but before it’s bailed it will be devalued or even ruined!