Tuesday Tidbit - Sturdy

Tidbit: Conrad Grebel makes sturdier dining room tables. What is most common in the furniture industry are 45° corner blocks with hanger bolts that require a washer and nut to secure the leg to the corner block (see photo #1). This is a technique that is not as durable long-term. To make our tables more sturdy, Conrad Grebel creates a special interlocking corner block for all of our leg tables (see photo #2). In addition, we use dual lag bolts that are set through the corner blocks directly into the legs. This combination of interlocking corners and dual lag bolts gives our leg tables more strength for long-term durability and sustainability. 

(Photo #1) Most manufacturers use 45° corner blocks with single hanger bolts

Like is represented in this photo



(Photo #2) Conrad Grebel uses interlocking corner blocks with dual lag bolts

Notice how the corner block is anchored into the table’s aprons



Quote:  Acknowledge that you learn just as much, if not more, from your failures as you do from your successes."  – Jeffrey Benjamin


Just for Laughs:  "With great power comes great electricity bill." – Anonymous


Fun Amish Fact:  The Amish actually originated within the Mennonite church. Jakob Ammann was a Mennonite pastor who believe that his church was becoming too watered down from the original teachings of Menno Simons from the mid-1500’s. Ammann believed that Christians should be separate from the world not only in spiritual belief, but also everyday lifestyle. He also favored a more rigid discipline and favored excommunication or shunning of church members who didn’t follow the rules.  In 1693 the Mennonite church became divided. Ammann and his followers broke away from the Mennonite church and created their own church. They would forever be known as Amish.