Conrad Grebel is about Relationships


Tidbit:  Conrad Grebel is about relationships. In our world of mass-production Conrad Grebel stands apart. When we make a piece of furniture for someone they can be assured it isn’t made in a factory. We are a community of small woodshops who work together. Therefore, we make furniture one piece at a time. One the back of most of our cabinets or underneath most of our tables you will find a signature and a date from the person who made it.  This is one way in which we personalize our furniture. Many years down the road our furniture will take on a new meaning to the folks who inherit it.  That name and date will forever show as a symbol of authenticity.


Quote:  In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision."  – Dalai Lama


Just for Laughs:  “The way my luck is running, if I was a politician I would be honest.”  – Rodney Dangerfield


Fun Amish Fact:  It is extremely cold here in northern Indiana. We’re experiencing wind chills reaching -20 degrees. As I was driving to our finish shop in my nice warm truck this morning I happened to think about the interior of a buggy this time of year and how it keeps warm. Inside the buggy a family will have warm blankets as well as a kerosene space heater to keep warm. With windows and doors a buggy can be closed up tight to keep wind out. With no wind and the help of winter blankets and a space heater the interior of a buggy can be quite toasty!