From the Kitchen of Grandma Edna - Cinnamon Rolls

2 c. flour

1 1/2 c. sugar

2 tsp. salt

3 rounding tbsp. Crisco

2 c. scalded milk

2 1/2 c. boiling water

3 beaten eggs

3 pkg. dry yeast in 1/2 c. warm water


Soak yeast in 1/2 c. water. Mix all other ingredients together and cool to lukewarm. Add yeast mixture. All approximately 10-12 cups more flour.


Let rise in a warm place until double in size. Work down and let rise again. Then work out on floured surface. Spead with butter or margarine and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top.


Roll up, cut and put in pans.


Bake for 20-30 minutes at 350.


Top warm or cool, with a glaze of milk and powdered sugar, or use the same Cream Cheese Frosting recipe as the Pumpkin Cake.


Cream Cheese Frosting

4 tbsp. cream cheese, softened

4 tbsp. butter, softened

1 tbsp. milk

2 c. powdered sugar

1 tsp. vanilla


Combine all ingredients and beat until fluffy. Spread on cake and enjoy!