Tradition Passed Down Through Generations

Last evening my wife, Tera, and I had the privilege of attending a wedding dinner in honor of Luke and Velda Miller.  Luke’s dad, Larry, and I go back to the beginning of Conrad Grebel when I was looking for a master cabinet maker to work with me.  Larry, his wife Meredith, along with their five children became instant family friends of ours.  Luke wasn’t but 9 years old when I met him in 2002.  Today Luke has grown into a fine a young man who has learned the art of woodworking from his father.  The two of them along with Larry’s youngest son, Brian, and one other employee work in the woodshop together making cabinets and bedroom furniture for Conrad Grebel.  One day Luke and Velda will have children…chances are, if they have boys they will learn the art of woodworking from Luke. 

In this photo you can see Luke with his father, Larry, in the background working together on a Sheridan cabinet that you can see behind Larry.